Once you book golf holidays or an exclusive holiday at Tunis Bay Villa, you can expect to discover new depths of relaxation as you sunbathe on the beach or enjoying the stunning view of the magnificent 80 hectares of a golf course. Whether you seek a quiet retreat or intend to have an unforgettable holiday with your loved ones, Tunis Bay Villa offers modern indulgences and ancient history in an enthralling mix. Here are some of the top amenities you will enjoy during your holiday in our villa.

Magnificent Golf Course

The verdant and inspiring grounds of the magnificent Tunis Bay Golf Course covers an area of about 80 hectares. It incorporates some of the most impressive features from the world’s top golf courses. Indeed, it is a stunning landmark of an outstanding recreational design that allows professional and novice golfers to have fun packed days during their golf holidays in our luxury villa Tunisia.


Generally, the promise of outstanding connectivity belies the master plan of the entire Tunis Bay metropolis. It is focused on naturally pleasing aesthetics and practical considerations of transportation and personal automation. The focal point that facilitates water transport, boating activities, and various boating experiences is a modern marina. This central location is an inspiring spectacle and haven for relaxation. While staying in Tunis Bay Villa, you will have access to nearly all the amenities you need to ensure your vacation is complete and fun packed.

Shopping Mall

Do you plan to embark on a shopping spree during your holiday in Tunis Bay? If so, head to Tunis Bay Mall. This shopping mall is located on the south west edge of Tunis Bay and is entirely open to the magnificent golf course. It features big name brand boutiques, local favourites, and nearly everything you will need during your golf holidays in Tunisia.

If you are a fashionista, you no longer need to reach for your passport to quench your cravings for the most recent collections from international and reputable designers. Indeed, you will find an array of world-class fashion names under a single roof. Combined with cafes, top food and beverage brands, and high street retailers, the Tunis Bay Mall delivers on the promise of unique retail and shopping experience.

Beach & Corniche

Well, tussle with temptations as you and your loved ones stroll along the boardwalk and corniche of the haven-esque waterfront in Tunis Bay. During its design, architects understood that a beach facilitates more than just swimming, sunbathing, and adventures in the clear water. This contemporary Mediterranean escape is meant for fun seekers, family activities, and casual dining experiences.

Generally, Tunis Bay beaches are ideal places for breezy strolls on the white sand. Visitors, tourists, and residents can savour gastronomic great times in some of the new restaurants or the delicious sensation of gelato in a breezy seafront café. Regardless of the beach experience, you seek, rest assured you will get a custom option to quench your thirst for unforgettable holiday experiences.

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