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Are you ready to relax in a luxury golf course residence in Tunisia? If so, take advantage of Tunis Bay Villa’s affordable exclusive holiday packages. This luxury villa for rent Tunisia is a widely recognised residential property that offers the privacy and safety you need during your holiday in Tunis Bay. Indeed, it offers you the opportunity to enjoy the large boulevard, tree lined streets, wonderful gardens, lagoons, and other exciting features that make this new Tunisian city a serene travel destination.

Inclusive Focus

Located in the northern Tunis suburb, Tunis Bay is simply a flagship urban project featuring a golf course residence, business district, private hospital, marina, university, marina, and other features. This makes Tunis Bay a focal hub in the country’s economy and an incubator of innovations across a range of industries. Indeed, it’s cleverly planned to set a stage for fruitful interactions.

Whether you are visiting Tunis Bay for leisure or official business, we offer a pleasant hospitality, great accommodation and other perks associated with staying in a villa.

Golf Holidays

Experience the fun and exhilaration of playing golf at a magnificent 18 hole golf course covering approximately 8o hectares. This is one of the region’s finest and renowned golf courses or facilities. It is a veritable jewel set in a new Tunisian metropolis bursting with life and shining on the rest of the North African region. Take the magnificent views while you challenge yourself and your fellow golfers to take an extra golf swing.

Particular attention was paid to the overall layout of the entire golf course to preserve the natural landscape. This created not only one of the best and most beautiful golf courses in the Mediterranean region but also the most environmentally friendly golf course. So, if you’re keen to perfect your golfing abilities on the green landscape, contact Tunis Bay Villa and book an exclusive golf holiday Tunisia.

Villa For Rent

Book an exclusive golf holiday at the finest and luxury villa in Tunisia – Tunis Bay Villa. Regardless of the type of holiday or event you’re planning, we will work with you to create the environment you want. Our facility features an impressive golf course, private swimming pool, secure WiFi internet connection, BBQs, and other amenities to ensure you are comfortable and entertained.

Tunis Bay Villa has plenty of world class rooms and suites, giving our clients the holiday vibe and experiences you crave. The outdoor and indoor spaces are carefully decorated to accommodate your family or group of friends, or business partners. There are also professionally manicured gardens maintained to the highest standards by our team of experienced professionals.

Villa Vacation

Once you book your upcoming Tunisian holiday with us, we will ensure you have everything you need to make your vacation perfect.

At Tunis Bay Villa, we are defined by our reputation and the quality of the services we provide. Indeed, we focus on quality, getting satisfaction only in knowing that we provide our clients with the best golf holidays and luxury villa experience at affordable rates.

A High Quality Golf Course Residential Villa in Tunis Bay. Committed to Customer Satisfaction For A Wonderful Villa Holiday in Tunisia.

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